Dennis Beaudoin wants DNA test


The man who could be the biological father of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets is speaking out.

In an interview Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, Dennis Beaudoin — who claims he had a “serious” three-year relationship with Suleman — says he agreed to donate sperm for her three times.

“She really wanted to have kids,” Beaudoin said. “She asked me to donate sperm. …I thought it was kind of out of the ordinary, but I cared about her so much, and we were in love.”

Suleman denied Beaudoin was the donor she used to conceive her children, ABC said.

However, Beaudoin wants a DNA test.

He says he loved Nadya at one time in his life, but she is nothing like the woman he once knew, and has changed substantially.

“She looks different, sounds different. You know, it’s just not the Nadya I remember,” he said.

Watch Dennis Beaudoin’s interview on Good Morning America here.