It’s Diane Sawyer’s Final Week On “Good Morning America”

diane-sawyer-gmaDiane Sawyer told viewers Monday that this would be her final week anchoring ABC’s “Good Morning America” after 10 years on the show.

The 63-year-old celebrity host will take the anchor chair of “World News” starting December 21, after Charles Gibson’s retirement on December 18, reports ABC News.

“I hope you celebrate with us this week, laugh with us this week,” Sawyer said, adding that she’s calculated that she’s anchored “roughly” 2,881 shows in her ten years with the program.

Sawyer’s co-anchor Robin Roberts said “it is so difficult” to lose the co-anchor she described as “my Thelma”. “Thank you, we are going to do all things just like you this week,” Roberts said.

“It is amazing, I think to all of us, what we’ve been able to see you do on this show,” co-anchor Chris Cuomo said to Sawyer. “It makes us all proud.”

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who was a guest on the program, joked that, “just for getting up,” Sawyer and her fellow morning show hosts “get a B+”

After Sawyer’s announcement, her fellow anchors on the show promised to highlight some of her greatest hits in the coming week.

You can watch Diane Sawyer’s announcement here.