Discovery, IMAX and Sony to Launch 3D TV Channel

Hot on the heels of Avatar’s eye-popping success comes the announcement of a 3D television channel to be launched through the joint effort of Discovery, IMAX and Sony.

Touted to be the first ever channel to broadcast programs in 3D, 24 hours a day, the TV network is set to launch in 2011 and will show mainly entertainment and sports programs, as well as documentaries, in keeping with the programming of its distributor, Discovery. Howard Stringer, CEO at Sony, had this to say about the big and potentially game-changing move:

“It is clear to us that consumers will always migrate to a better and richer entertainment experience, and together we are determined to be the leader in providing that around the world.”

The three media giants will equally share the load in maintaining the network, hoping that viewers will quickly adopt the technology by replacing their old TV sets with 3D-ready ones as soon as the latter are made available.

ESPN has also previously announced their plans of launching their own 3D sporting events TV network, albeit a non-24-hour channel. It is set to premiere with the first FIFA World Cup match in June 2010.