Disgraced Former Governor Eliot Spitzer Lands CNN Job

Eliot_SpitzerFormer New York governor Eliot Spitzer landed a new job as a co-host in an upcoming show in CNN.

Spitzer, the 54th governor of The Empire State, left office last March 17, 2008 serving only less than 15 months. His involvement as a client in a high-priced prostitution ring proved to be his downfall.

His new show, still untitled, will premier this fall at an 8 PM ET slot. His co-host will be conservative Washington Post journalist Kathleen Parker. She won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.

The show will be in the roundtable program format. The soon-to-be program partners said that they will tackle rigid ideological stances.

“Everyone can go and find a show that will validate what they believe,” Parker said. “We’re going to come in with, ‘Let’s find out what this means.’ We might even change our minds in the course of a program.”

Spitzer and Parker did not knew each other before they were made as partners by the network.