Disney bus kills 9-year-old boy

An unnamed 9-year-old boy was killed by a Disney bus at the Fort Wilderness campground in Walt Disney World.250px-Disney_world_transport

The boy, who was riding a bicycle with an 11-year-old girl acquaintance, apparently swerved into the main road from the sidewalk at Big Bend Drive. The lad hit the side of an incoming bus. He was dragged under the bus and was run over by the tires. He died at the scene.

The boy and the girl were both wearing helmets but no adults were accompanying the children during their biking adventure.

“We are deeply saddened about what happened and are doing everything we can to provide resources and support to the family,” said Meg Crofton, President of Disney World, at a press conference.

David Rich, the bus driver, immediately stopped the bus after the accident. Some of the 28 passengers, none of which were injured, expressed sympathies for the boy but stated that it was an accident and that Rich may have never seen the boy hit the side of the bus.