‘Doctor Death’ traced at last


Documents found in Egypt confirmed that Aribert Heim, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, died in Cairo in 1992.

Germany’s ZDF television and The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Heim, also known as “Doctor Death“, was living under a fictitious name and had converted to Islam by the time of his death from cancer.

More than 100 documents including a passport, bank slips, personal letters and medical papers were left behind by Heim in a briefcase in the hotel room where he lived.

A certified copy of a death certificate obtained from Egyptian authorities confirmed witness accounts that the man called Heim is believed to have used the name Tarek Hussein Farid.

The Egyptian official record states that Farid died in 1992.

Heim was a concentration camp doctor during World War II at the Nazi’s Mauthausen base in Austria.  He was accused of performing medical procedures on prisoners without anesthesia; removing organs from healthy inmates, then leaving them to die on the operating table.