Doctors: Obama Needs to Quit Smoking

Republicans can add quit smoking as another promise that U.S. President Barack Obama has yet to fulfill. In an official report on the state of health of the president, doctors said the 48-year-old leader should continue “smoking cessation efforts,” hinting that he has yet to kick the habit more than a year since promising first lady Michelle Obama during the campaign period that he would quit.

Doctors said Obama is undergoing nicotine replacement therapy. The president admitted before he became president that he was puffing around eight sticks a day. Last year, he told reporters that he has transformed into an occasional smoker. Aside from quitting cigarettes, doctors also noted that the president must take alcohol in moderation.

Bad habits notwithstanding, Obama received a clean bill of health after his first general check up since assuming the presidency. He took the physical at the Navy hospital in Washington, and would not undergo another one until 2012 because of his “excellent health.”