Dog works as wine tester

Bloodhound Wine Tester

Bloodhounds have the most sensitive noses of any dog breed, and they have been used to track missing people for centuries. These gentle giants are so accurate in following a trail that their evidence is often accepted in courts of law. But here’s an even more interesting story.

Louisa Belle, a 7-year-old Bloodhound from Australia, has a very keen sense of smell which allows her to identify tainted corks affecting bottles of wine. The dog’s owners said when faced with a pile of corks, Belle meticulously selected those that had been tainted by putting them to the side with her snout.

From The Herald Sun:

Instead of sniffing corks, [the owners] decided to train their dog, who was becoming destructive around the house. “It was time to put her to work because that’s what she loves and she was very keen to put her nose into everything…after two weeks she could isolate the tainted cork within 30 seconds.”