Dolly Parton Defends Miley Cyrus

Dolly_PartonCountry music legend Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus regarding the teen star’s current controversial issues like wearing revealing outfits.

Parton, 64, said in an interview that the young star is just trying to cope up with growing up and is trying to find her way.  She said people should ease up on her while she is trying to do that.

Cyrus, 17, is a goddaughter of Parton, thus, she has known the Disney star since she was a baby.

In an interview by Access Hollywood to Parton regarding Cyrus’s outfits she replied, “If you think I’m going to sit here and pass judgment on Miley, you’re wrong. I think she’s beautiful. I love her. She’s trying to grow up, you know, I remember when I was horny and young.”

(When asked by Access as to when was that, she replied, “Horny and young? I’m still horny.”)

The Queen of Country Music has made guest appearances in Hannah Montana. She plays Aunt Dolly to the character of Hannah.