Dr. Travis Stork educating families about the importance of breakfast

cerealAndMilkDr. Travis Stork is an Emmy nominated American TV personality, board-certified emergency medicine physician, whom you might have seen as the host of daytime talk show, The Doctors, or through his appearance on The Bachelor.

Now he has teamed up with Kellogg’s to inform and educate families around the globe about the importance of a nutritious breakfast and the benefits of a simple Kellogg’s cereal and milk breakfast.

Morning cereal together with a cup of skim milk can help fuel up your every morning considering that together they contain proteins and grains, fiber, calcium, Vitamin D as well as potassium.

Having enough proteins in your every meal is essential to maintain a healthy weight.

We are so excited to partner with Dr. Stork to spread the news that a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal and milk provides the protein and grains you need to start the day right,î said Noel Geoffroy, senior vice president, Marketing & Innovation for Kellogg U.S. Morning Foods. He is a breakfast supporter and believes in the nutritious combination of cereal and milk.î

Dr. Stork added that “It’s not just whether you eat it, but what you eat, and having protein with whole grains during breakfast is a great option.”

You can learn more about how cereal and milk in the morning can help you at Kelloggs.com/CerealAndMilk.

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