Drug Test Results Negative said Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer

Lindsay_Lohan_2A drug test was conducted for Lindsay Lohan hours after she attended a party at the recently concluded 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

The SCRAM alcohol ankle bracelet of the actress set-off while she was having a fun time at the party. She had blamed the media for the controversy. She said that the monitor did not set off, as she was not doing anything to trigger the device.

“The urine test confirms what Lindsay has said all along: that she didn’t have any alcohol or do anything to cause the device to go off,” said Shawn Chapman Holley, a lawyer of Lohan, in a statement to Access Hollywood, Thursday, June 17.

The District Attorney, prosecutors and the Los Angeles Superior Court don’t have any information or copy of the said urine test results.

RadarOnline however reported Friday that Lohan had indeed been drinking. It said that her blood alcohol level is in the .03 to .04 levels at the night of the awards.