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Dutch Nurses Union Campaigns for Care with No Sex

12 March 2010 21 Comments

Posted by Nel

A Dutch nurses’ union is making a statement that health care does not include sexual services as demanded by some patients.nurse-cap

The union, named NU’91, will name the campaign as “I Draw The Line Here”. They will be using an advertisement featuring a female nurse covering her face with her crossed hands.

It all started when a 24 year old nurse refused to give sexual gratification to a 42 year old disabled man who demanded it as part of her home health care services. The nurse filed her complaint last week.

The nurse reported that she saw other nurses having sexual activities with the man. When she refused, he asked that she be dismissed on the grounds of being not fit to provide care.

“This type of action is not part of the job responsibilities of carers and nurses,” the union said.

The union added that the case has already been reported to the police.


  • jimi5150

    hmmmmmmmm bummer unless your nurse is named bula

  • jarvis

    i'm gonna move to dutchland

  • For Your Information

    Germany is called Deutschland

    Dutch People are from the Netherlands

    So by saying Dutchland it is more like Germany

  • tim321

    Why would you go to Germany if you wanted Dutch nurses?

  • jarvis

    i didn't say germany, i said dutchland. can't you read? dutchland is where dutch people are from. i hope you were joking.

  • heidiheidiheidiheidiho

    Jarvis, are you kidding? The Dutch live in the Netherlands. Deutschland is the German word for “Germany”. Google is an amazing tool.

  • jarvis

    well look at that, learn something new every day. i didn't know dutch people came from the netherlands, i thought they were from dutchland, like dutch land. that's not quite the same as deutschland…

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/VUIY6BNFPSXQ7736SHCU4W3P44 H2

    Sounds like Dutchtopia. Or maybe Dutch-ri-la?

    I'm pretty sure that the Netherlands is where the buttsecks comes from.

  • pronoun

    dude, he's joking. quit being a dutchbag.

  • jarvis

    haha, from the nether-regions

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  • http://twitter.com/GoodnzHood Kevin V

    Quick! Obama and Pelosi, make sure you include “special treatment” by nurses as part of the heathcare “reform”. Its our right!

  • ameatabhbachan

    That's ridiculous! Why else would you get a Dutch nurse !?

  • jarvis

    what is a dutch rudder?

  • gsrr

    Typical lazy Dutch union workers….

  • Miaka Moto


  • Miaka Moto

    Extra service? that is pretty ridiculous what is the hospital's reaction with this issue? did they said any statement about their patients who wants such kind of service? if I were the nurse I would give the man a Sex Dolls to satisfy himself

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    Were you high or something? lol

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