E-Book Market’s Newest Player: Borders

bordersThe bandwagon gets a little more crowded.

Bookstore chain Borders launched its very own e-book store, which is named, without any surprise, Borders eBooks. It will be available in several devices including PCs, Macs, Sony e-reader, Apple‘s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and its very own partner e-reader Kobo. It will soon be available in Blackberry and Android gadgets.

The problem is that that tactic is already being used by the rivals namely Amazon‘s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble‘s Nook site, and the Sony Reader Store.

Border eBooks will feature about 1.5 million titles where several thousands will be for free. Available formats will be ePub and PDF. It will include new best sellers and public domain classics. Prices are around the $9.99. Latest best sellers will mostly have the same price as their paper counterparts.

Digital magazines and newspapers will not be available in Border eBooks. Well, not yet.