E.coli Bacteria Found in Portland Waters

The Portland Water Bureau warned customers to boil water before using as E.coli bacteria were found in Washington Park Reservoir 3.water-glass-ecoli-bacteria-portland

All water used for drinking, food preparation and ice should be boiled first for more than a minute before consumption. Ice and beverages prepared recently from tap water should no longer be used. Most affected areas are west of Willamette River, Valley View, Burlington and Palatine Hill. The bureau meanwhile closed the reservoir and is in the process of draining it.

E.coli, short for Escherichia Coli are not always harmful. The strain serotype O157:H7 can cause food poisoning.

“It is also important to note that the E. coli bacteria that is detected on the monitoring test may not be the same as the more notorious E. coli O157:H7, a cause of serious bacterial diarrhea,” said deputy health officer Dr. Phil Lewis. Initial test results confirm the e.coli bacteria but not the strain.

The next set of sampling test results will be available Sunday afternoon, November 29.

Residents were reminded to boil the water or purchase bottled water until the bureau announces safe condition status of the waters.