Earthquake hits Southern Philippines on Christmas day

philippine earthquake

MANILA, Philippines–A magnitude-6.1 quake rocked General Santos City before noon of Christmas Day but no damage or injuries have been reported.

In a live interview on radio dzMM, Phivolcs director Renato Solidum said the earthquake struck at 11:20 a.m., 85 kilometers, south of General Santos.

Earlier, USGS reported another quake in Mindanao. The 4.9-magnitude quake was recorded at 07:56 a.m. local time (2356 GMT), with the epicenter 900 kilometers southwest of Manila at a depth of 96.5 kilometers.

The Philippine archipelago lies in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a line of interconnected geological faults that encircles the Pacific Ocean.

The area has many active volcanoes and is frequently hit by powerful earthquakes.

The deadliest earthquake to hit the Philippines in recent years was a magnitude 6.8 quake on the main island of Luzon, which left more than 1,500 people dead.