Egyptians Vote in First Post-Mubarak Election

Egyptians began trooping to polling places on Monday as the country started holding its first election since longtime leader Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office in February this year.

The election comes on the backdrop of renewed protests and subsequent violent dispersals allegedly committed by the current military led government. The parliamentary election was generally peaceful on Monday with a reported high voter turn out. Results of the election are expected to loosen the military’s control of the country, which was under Mubarak’s absolute rule for 30 years. Analysts also expect Parliament to start functioning again after being a mere rubber stamp under Mubarak. “Power will be in the hands of the political forces. Real politics will be in the hands of the parliament,” Egyptian political analyst Diaa Rashwan told Reuters.

The relatively peaceful atmosphere since Monday was a complete contrast from the chaotic events over the past few days. There were some reports of irregularity but none of the same poll-rigging accusations that were commonplace during Mubarak’s reign, reports said.