Eiffel Tower Gets Bomb Scare

eiffel-towerAfter an anonymous caller gave a bomb threat for the area under the famous landmark, local authorities evacuated the area and searched for suspicious objects. After none were found, the place was again opened to the public.

The Eiffel Tower usually closes at 11 PM but there were still people walking around and riding bicycles when the evacuation was ordered. Immediate surroundings and two train stations were also included in the evacuation.

The call was traced from a phone booth in a multi-cultural district northeast of the capital Paris. The time registered was at 8:20 PM local time.

Paris is not new to bomb threats. The Saint Michael train station was bombed in 1995 killing 8 people and injuring 150 others.

After the area was opened again to the public, people began milling around in the area and traffic resumed. However, local police were posted to guard the vicinity.

The famous tower is frequently visited by tourists. Last year alone, around 6.6 million visited it. It last received a bomb threat in October 2005.