Eiffel Tower lights up for New Year’s Eve

Eiffel Tower New Year's Eve

The Eiffel Tower will transform into a “giant Christmas tree” as Paris starts its New Year’s Eve celebration and Eiffel’s 120th birthday. It will be a light and music show everyone will enjoy.

The show begins at 11:30 pm and that includes a 12-minute display that has been shown every night since October to mark the tower’s anniversary. The tower will sparkle with spotlights composed of state-of-the-art LED. It will then be followed by a 20-minute musical fete combining classical and electro pop music with stroboscopic lights dancing in tune with the music as the countdown to the year 2010 begins.

For those who want to watch it live online, the show will be available at www.31decembreaparis.com.

[via AFP]

Below is a video of Eiffel Tower last year:

UPDATE: You can watch the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Paris and in different parts of the globe HERE.