Ellen DeGeneres Debuts on American Idol

“I do know what it’s like to stand on a stage and try to please an entire roomful of people . . . . That is a hard thing to do.”ellen-degeneres-american-idol

So said Ellen DeGeneres on her first day as the newest judge on the hit reality show American Idol. This was what she said to the contestants after she was introduced by host Ryan Seacrest.

She made comic relief in a very tense floor and even asked one contestant to wear something for her feet. She then went on to describe that Hollywood is a disgusting town.

DeGeneres, 52, replaced original judge Paula Abdul, whose song Straight Up was performed by one of the contestants. She then praised him by saying “She [Abdul] would be doing this right now!” Then she went on to imitate the “Paula Seal Clap.”

The first episode of the Hollywood Week (two days in actual shooting) slashed down the 181 holders of golden tickets to just 95.

Next episode will feature the dreaded group performance.