Ellen DeGeneres Says Sorry to Apple

ellen-degeneresComedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres has apologized to Apple. She said that the company contacted her saying that they were not happy with a parody she made for their widely recognizable iPhone commercial.

The host showed the parody of the commercial in her program The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In the video, DeGeneres was narrating how she was having trouble using the popular touchscreen smartphone.

The following day she informed viewers that representatives from Apple called her regarding the video. She then went on to say that she thinks the video was funny, that many people thought it was funny but that Apple thought it wasn’t amusing.

The American Idol judge then made her apology saying,”They thought I made it look like it’s hard to use, and I just want to say that I’m sorry if I made it like the iPhone is hard to use. It’s not hard to use. I have an iPhone… I just learned how to text on an iPhone, it’s the only phone that I can text on, and I love it.”

She finally finished by saying that she loves her iPad, iPod and IHOP.