Ellen Gives Eliminated American Idol Contestant a Music Career Surprise

An eliminated, aspiring three-time applicant of the hit reality show American Idol was given a surprise prize, Friday, February 23 during an episode of the show Ellen.Ellen-DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres can’t help being sorry for Angela Martin who didn’t make it to the top 24 list of the ninth season of the singing competition show.

She is already 28, the cap age limit; she will no longer be eligible next year.

Martin made a guest appearance on the judge’s daytime show. After she rendered a song, Ellen made the announcement.

“I have a little surprise for you … Kara DioGuardi … she is going to write you a song, you’re going into a studio, she is going to produce a song for you,” DeGeneres said to an enthusiastic Martin who hugged her and wouldn’t let her go anymore. “We’re gonna get you a record label. See? See how things turn out?” Since Martin seems not to be able to compose herself, the show went to commercial without the televiewers hearing her give thanks over the air.

Martin first auditioned in season 7. Her father was shot to death before she travelled to Hollywood. Last year, she was jailed during the Hollywood phase for unpaid traffic tickets. This year, she simply didn’t make it to the top 24.

Many viewers believed that she can actually sing and was surprised when she was cut. The same belief is probably floating in the minds of judges DioGuardi and DeGeneres and offered her a chance to make a music career that the show denied her with.