Energy Efficiency Importance Rises 116 Percent

bulb_earth_energy_efficiencyOn June 13 Johnson Controls released their seventh annual Energy Efficiency Indicator. It’s a global survey conducted among more 3000 decision makers in 10 countries around the world. What the survey revealed was the fast-growing importance of energy efficiency among the respondents. In numbers, compared to 2010 it’s up 116 percent.

Based on the study, those companies who had set public energy efficiency goals implemented 50% more energy efficiency measures than those who hadn’t set the goals. They are also 2.7 times more likely to increase their investments. In addition to being greener, they also see benefits of energy efficiency in the value of their brand.

Overall the main reason for employing strategies to become more energy efficient is cost savings.

The main reason why companies aren’t planning implementing any efficiency measures is still lack of funding and policies related to tax credits as well as rebates for implementing efficiency. For example in the US roughly 41 percent of companies reduced their investments because they were uncertain of government tax reform efforts and/or budgeting.

You are invited to learn more about the survey itself, the results and everything related at the Institute for Building Efficiency website


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