Environmental Technology Is Finally Clear


Actually, you can say, it’s practically see-through! Konarka, a solar energy company based in Lowell, Massachusetts, –a mecca for industrial development for over a hundred years, –has teamed up with the Arch Aluminum & Glass to create the Arch Active Solar Glass.

So what is it? The solar glass is used for making home windows, and of course they are energy efficient, double paned glass to lock in both hot and cold air, and save consumers tons of cash on the utilities. But that’s not what put these windows in the news.

It’s the thin sheet of solar material between the two panes of glass, called a “photovoltaic cell”;  it’s transparent, and can be lightly tinted in different colors. These prototypes are incredibly valuable, because they erase the obligation for green builders and solar energy users to choose between the unattractive overhead solar panels, and the complex spandrel solar energy systems. However, the real question some skeptics have presented, is whether or not the windows are economical, or if they’ll catch on in popularity with the public. Only time will tell, as competitors develop similar solar energy solutions, and as ‘green construction’, trends spread in popularity.

Written By Latest Devices