Erin Andrews Receiving Death Threats

As if having been videotaped naked by a peeping tom was not enough, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is reportedly also receiving death threats. According to Andrews’ lawyer, Marshall Grossman, the sports reporter has been receiving death threats through e-mail since last year, but the mails have become even more violent lately, which compelled the celebrity’s camp to notify the FBI.

Authorities say that they already have a suspect, who is believed to reside in the East Coast. The e-mails were sexual at first, but has recently talked about murdering Andrews. The 31-year-old sportscaster has asked for additional security, but has refused to stay out of public, opting to continue appearing on Dancing with the Stars, where she is one of the celebrity contestants.

Andrews recently succeeded in having her stalker Michael David Barnett jailed for two and a half years. Barnett was sentenced for taking and spreading videos of a naked Andrews. The videos were taken through hotel room peepholes, which Barnett destroyed.