Erin Andrews Stalker Sentenced 2 1/2 Years

Erin Andrews can now breathe easy after a Los Angeles federal court judge locked up her stalker for 30 months. Michael Barrett, a Chicago insurance sales man, was sentenced on Monday and ordered to pay ESPN reporter Andrews $ 7,366 in restitution.

Andrews, who is due to appear in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, said that she has yet to get over the trauma caused by her stalker. Barrett admitted that he stalked Andrews for 18 months. He also bared that he shot a naked Andrews at least three times by using his mobile phone and removing peepholes from hotel room doors.

Barrett tried to sell his videos of Andrews to a Web site but was turned down. He instead uploaded some of the videos, which show Andrews getting dressed.

Andrews said the humiliation that the incident has caused her will stay for a long time. “It’s my body that’s on the Internet…He stalked me, he terrorized me — this will never be over for me.”