Esperanza who?

Esperanza Spalding Grammys

Jazz virtuoso Esperanza Spalding became the talk of the music world after she was named best new artist at Sunday night’s Grammys, beating rapper Drake and teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Esperanza who? That was the reaction of a lot of people watching the 53rd Grammy Awards after hearing that a woman with a large Afro hairstyle was this year’s recipient of award. Bieber fans even vented their anger on Twitter, and as late as early Monday afternoon, loyal followers of the teen sensation were still vandalizing Spalding’s Wikipedia page with wrong information.

Come on now, people! Grammy voters should be applauded for choosing Esperanza over Justin and others. The best new artist is a category in which commercial success isn’t necessarily a key factor, but I think the main reason why Spalding won and not Beiber is because his musical talent comes nowhere close to hers. I mean, she’s the whole package.

Broaden your mind. There’s more to music than the s–t mainstream media promote!

Check out some videos of Esperanza doing her thing: