EU Commission Rejects BlackBerry

blackberry_logoResearch in Motion (RIM) is in a row. After the governments of Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates all threatened to limit the use of BlackBerry phones in their countries due to security issues, it is now the turn of the European Union (EU) Commission to put pressure on the mobile maker company.

The EU Commission has opted the use of Apple iPhone and HTC phones over BlackBerry for their choice of what smartphone to use. They have considered several criteria in choosing the phone including security and financial impact.

“Following this evaluation, the HTC and the iPhones emerged at the most suitable platforms for voice/mail-centric mobile devices. As a result, the Commission currently supports these two platforms,” a spokesman for the commission wrote in an email.

Governments are being wary over not being able to monitor BlackBerry traffic since RIM controls its own network and uses encryption for messages through their servers.