Europe Cancels AH1N1 Vaccine Orders

Several governments in Europe are now canceling their orders for the AH1N1 vaccines months after rushing to order them.AUSTRALIA-HEALTH-FLU-VACCINE

Among factors for the withdrawal were the decision to lower down the number of dosages from the originally planned two shots to just one, low demand as Europeans think that the pandemic turned out to be mild and that potential patients are worried of the side-effects that the vaccine may bring, even if there are assurance that there wouldn’t be any.

Germany has cancelled 30% of the 50 million dosages they ordered. France is cutting down their order of 94 million dosages to just 50 million. The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands have also decided to either trim down their orders or sell their stock to other countries.

There are now available vaccines for everyone but very few are taking them – a big difference when months ago people even line-up in the hopes of getting one of very limited stocks. In the United States, President Barack Obama even declared this week as National Influenza Week to encourage people to get vaccinated.