Eurovision Returns

The Eurovision Song Contest, an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union, returns.

“The transitions between songs are looking stunning,” said Jamie McLoughlin, a journalist covering the said competition. “The postcards are charming, involving people from each nation, then what I can only describe a ‘Eurovision aura’ (loads of swirling dots) will fly onto your TV screens to first form the outline of each country, and then the flag. You’ll see what I mean!”

Following the runaway victory by Alexander Rybak at 2009’s contest, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Oslo, Norway.

The Eurovision Song Contest is Europe‘s largest television production and the biggest non-sport event a European city can host.

The television production is known for having three live shows, which is expected to be seen by an audience of more than 120 million.

Last year, viewers from all over Europe cast more than 10 million votes in the two semi-finals and the final. Over 80,000 tickets have been sold for the live shows and various dress rehearsals. The Final will be attended by some 16,000 people at the arena. The 55th Final since 1956, in fact! Over the past decades, more than 1,150 songs have taken part in the competition.