Ex-Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Death

Tariq-AzizFormer Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz is set to meet the same fate as his erstwhile boss Saddam Hussein after he was sentenced to death for his role in persecuting members of the Shiite Dawa Party.

An Iraqi court ordered on Tuesday the death of Aziz by hanging, although it was not clear when the staunch Hussein defender would be executed. Hussein himself was hanged in 2006, three years after the fall of Iraq at the hands of a U.S.-led coalition. The recent sentence is the latest to be handed against Aziz, who is already serving 15 years for crimes against humanity and another seven years for abuses against Kurds in northern Iraq.

Aziz has maintained his innocence since he surrendered to U.S. forces shortly after the 2003 Iraq war began, saying that his only fault was being loyal to the dictator Hussein. Aziz insists that he did not have any personal involvement in the purging and abuses committed by the Hussein regime, adding that the latest sentence against him is nothing more than a “political judgment” meant to take away the world’s focus on the ongoing political deadlock in the country.