Ex-Israeli Soldier Defends Facebook Pic

A former Israeli soldier has come out to defend herself after earning a barrage of criticism for posting on Facebook photos of her beside blindfolded and bound Palestinian prisoners.

Eden Aberjil, who is no longer part of the Israeli army after completing her mandatory service, said she did not see anything wrong with the photographs because “there was no statement in the photos about violence, about disrespect, about anything that would hurt that person.” Aberjil said she immediately removed the photographs when she learned that many people, including Israeli and Palestinian officials, were offended by what she did. She admitted that what she did was “thoughtless” but insisted that she still could not “understand what wasn’t OK” with the photographs.

One of the pictures shows Aberjil smiling while sitting beside and looking at a blindfolded prisoner. The photographs were taken in 2008 near the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army, as well as Palestinian officials, condemned Aberjil’s actions, but it is not clear whether the former soldier can still be held liable now that she is no longer part of the military.