Ex-NBA Player: I had Sex with 90 Women a Month

Sex addiction may have found a new poster boy in former Cleveland Cavaliers player Winston Bennett. The 45-year-old Bennet, who was the Cavaliers’ third-round pick in the 1988 draft, revealed in an interview with ESPN that he slept with about 90 different women every month due to a severe sex addiction.

The former Kentucky Wildcats star said he “very seldom” used protection while getting it on with three to four women a day. He said that it did not matter where he made out–Malls, restaurants, prostitution dens, massage parlors–anywhere. He spent a big chunk of his time satisfying his sexual appetite. “I spent a great deal of time either having sex, cruising for sex, calling for sex, looking for sex.”

His sexual addiction did not die out even when he got married, although he said the number of women he slept with was cut in half. Bennett, who currently coaches the Mid-Continent University varsity team, said his addiction was so tough that he could not resist sleeping with another woman a day after his wedding to wife Peggy, who eventually got infected with two sexually transmitted diseases.

You can watch the interview on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.