Experts concerned about pornography over Facebook


Facebook has yet again been the target of speculation, this time by Indonesian experts concerned that children are getting very easy access to pornography over the said online social network.

Experts have pointed out that the continual decrease of benchmark internet prices in the country, along with the government’s apparent inability to monitor and control internet traffic and use, allow minors almost unrestricted access to supposedly restricted content.

Also noted as culprits are sophisticated cellular and mobile phones. “When children are equipped with sophisticated cell phones, they can easily access pornographic material like pictures and videos,” said Ni Made Martini, a criminologist from the University of Jakarta. She relates how easy it is to take pictures of just about anything, and easily share it with others through various mobile technologies like Bluetooth.

Facebook is one of the many websites that is jumping on the mobile bandwagon, developing their sites to be viewable through mobile phones and gadgets. Facebook Mobile allows a user to easily access their account, and upload photos and videos.