Explosion Rocks Karachi

Pakistan_KarachiAt least 15 people have been killed as a huge blast rocked Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, on Thursday, reports said.

According to a police officer interviewed by Reuters, the blast occurred inside the Criminal Investigation Department compound in the southern part of Karachi. No less than 40 people were reportedly injured in the attack, which took place just in time for the early evening rush hour. The attack is the latest to hit the city, which has seen violence erupt in the past due to sectarian conflicts and terrorism.

Senior police officer Tariq Razzaq Dharejo told AFP that most of the victims are members of the security force. The blast was so powerful that the two-storey CID building collapsed, with witnesses saying that the explosion has caused left a large crater at the site, suggesting that the attacker may have used a car bomb.

Islamist groups associated with Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida are operating in the South Asian country. However, it is still unclear which group was responsible for the attack.