Eye-Controlled Laptop Launched

Look ma, no hands.

Swedish company Tobii Technology unveiled Tuesday the first eye-controlled laptop at the CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, Germany, in what could be the next step in computing. The eye-controlled laptop, developed by Tobii with Lenovo, allows a user to switch between windows, scroll through documents, and move images to the center of the screen, all through the movement of their eyes. The laptop, one of 20 prototypes that Lenovo has built with the use of the Tobii technology, works by tracking the eye movements of a user.

While the new technology may be years away from replacing the mouse or the keyboard, having the power to control a laptop with one’s eyes is definitely something that is worth getting excited about. “We anticipate people will be extremely excited to be able to control their computer with their eyes,” Tobii North America general manager Barbara Barclay said. Tobii CEO Henrik Eskilsson said the next step for the company is to develop the technology even further to make it more suitable and affordable for the average computer user. “To reach a state where the technology is part of the average computer, we need to make it smaller and cheaper. We believe that this can be realized in a couple of years by partnering with the right manufacturer,” Eskilsson said.