Facebook Back in Pakistan

All’s well that ends well. That is the case between Facebook and Pakistan, as the country lifted a ban on the social networking site. Pakistan’s information technology ministry announced on Monday that Facebook users in the country will have access to the site again after an almost two-week ban.

Pakistan’s decision to lift the ban came after Facebook removed a page that was considered anti-Muslim. Facebook officials also apologized for the site, which urged users to post various images of the Prophet Muhammad. Islam considers all depiction of Muhammad as blasphemous.

Facebook also vowed to be stricter in approving pages, saying that “nothing of this sort will happen in the future.” The site’s decision to block the page was in complete opposite with its earlier stand. Facebook had previously considered “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” as legitimate.

The Lahore Court ruled on the blocking of the site on May 19, but reversed itself after Facebook’s apology.