Facebook Hit List Spooks Colombian Town

A Colombian town in the Putumayo department has been gripped with fear after three teens whose names appeared on a Facebook hit list were killed over the past 10 days.

The Colombian national police have launched an investigation to look into the situation that has kept the residents of Puerto Asis on their toes. Authorities said they have yet to find clues that would point to the perpetrators of the murders, two of which preceded the posting of the hit list on Facebook.

Reports said the hit list was first published on the popular social networking site on August 17, a couple of days after two of the victims were killed. Authorities said the first two victims, Diego Ferney Jaramillo, 16, and Eibart Alejandro Ruiz Munoz , 17, were shot and killed on August 15 while riding a motorcycle. The third victim, Norbey Alexander Vargas, was killed three days after the first hit list was published.

The hit list warned the people in it to leave Puerto Asis within three days or risk being killed. Police initially thought the list was a joke but started investigating when another list was published with additional names. Reports said parents of the teens named in the list have sent their children out of town to escape execution.