Facebook Hooks Up with Skype For Video Chat

Mark-ZuckerbergThe secret is finally out.

Facebook announced Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with Skype to bring video chatting capability into the popular social network. In a live stream from Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg said the new video chat feature will be available for all of the social network’s estimated 750 million users. The chat service will also come in a total of 70 languages to better serve Facebook’s diverse users.

Reuters said in a report that the service will first be available only for one-on-one video chat. The new feature allows a user to choose whether to chat with their friends the conventional way or through video. To use the video chat feature, the user needs only to install a camera and a Facebook app for the service. Zuckerberg had hinted of the launching last week, saying that “something awesome” was about to come to Facebook. The launching also comes on the heels of Google’s introduction of its own social network known as Google+.