Facebook Launches New Group Feature

FacebookThe chief executive and founder of the world’s most popular social networking site has announced Wednesday, October 6, the launching of new features including the ability to form groups of friends.

“The changes today are about giving people more control over how they share in a lot of different contexts,” said Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook told BBC. “One of the things we have heard is that people just want to share information with smaller groups of people. It will enable people to share things that they wouldn’t have wanted to share with all of their friends.”

Other features to be rolled out on the same day of the announcement are first, the ability for the users to download all the data and personal information they have uploaded or posted from a secure file from the site. Second, users will also be able to find how individual applications are using personal information.

Interestingly, this is also the first time that Zuckerberg has appeared in public since the release of the film The Social Network. The critically acclaimed movie depicts the founding of Facebook and portrays Zuckerberg as brilliant but manipulative person. The 26-year-old founder said that the film is not accurate.