Facebook Memorial

facebook memorial image

No Facebook is not dead, it is very much alive and kicking. Geocities is dead. If Geocities had a Facebook page, now they can memorialize it. But this feature was created with humans in mind. Today when someone with a Facebook account passes away, friends of the the dead loved one can now memorialize his/her account. How does that work?

When reporting a death, users must offer ‘proof’ by submitting either an obituary or news article. When the application is approved, status updates and contacts are removed and only confirmed friends will be able to see their loved one’s profile or find it in a search. Memorialized profiles will also no longer appear on the suggestions panel.

‘When someone leaves us, they don’t leave our memories or our social network,’ Max Kelly, head of security wrote in the official Facebook blog. ‘To reflect that reality, we created the idea of ‘memorialized’ profiles as a place where people can save and share their memories of those who’ve passed.’