Facebook Message Clears Up Robbery Suspect

Facebook can now save lives.rodney-bradford-getoutofjailfree-facebook-message

Rodney Bradford, 19, from New York City was arrested for robbery charges and was freed 12 days later from Riker’s Island after a Facebook message he sent proved that he was nowhere near the scene when the crime was committed.

He was accused of robbing two people in Brooklyn where he lives. Rodney at the time of the robbery was in his father’s apartment in Harlem, Manhattan sending a message to his girlfriend in Facebook. He was asking his girlfriend where his pancakes are.

The prosecution dropped the case after they have contacted people at the famous social networking site. The staff confirmed that the message was sent from the IP address at Bradford’s father’s home in Harlem, which is 13 miles away from where the robbery took place. The confirmation verified Rodney’s alibi.

Rodney’s story is being hailed as a victory for today’s youth’s addictiveness in the Internet. However, this raised concern on how much can law enforcement trust what’s posted online.