Facebook – Prepare to Get Civilized!

civilization fb image

The biggest time-consuming game is joining forces with the biggest online time waster to create a massive waste of time online! LOLZ! Civilization is now joining forces with Facebook to waste more of our time and I am liking it hehe…

I have played Civilization since its first release, Civ I and I MUST play this FB game. I have been avoiding the FB games and controlling myself to not join the bandwagon so to speak but this is Civilization and who can resist? No one can.

The game is not yet fully released. They are actually still in pre-beta so there is still a lot of time to prepare =P In the coming days, Sid Meier et al will be looking for beta testers so if you are interested, read more about it here.

The FB version of the popular game will be released on 2010 taking the name “Civilization Network”.