Facebook “Spam King” Faces 40-Year Jail Time

Sanford-WallaceSanford Wallace, the well-known Facebook spam king, has been indicted on several charges, including six counts of email fraud, which could see the 43-year-old Las Vegas man spend upwards of 40 years in jail, the Daily Mail said.

Wallace’s indictment was made public after he surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation earlier this week. Wallace is accused of hacking over 500,000 Facebook accounts through a phishing attack that stole user names and passwords. According to reports, Wallace used the stolen information to post spam on users’s Facebook walls. His spam attacks allegedly netted him a lot of money through companies that pay members who can drive traffic to affiliate sites.

Facebook, which previously won a civil suit against Wallace, hailed the spammer’s indictment. “We applaud the efforts of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI to bring spammers to justice,” the social networking giant said in a statement. “Now Wallace also faces serious jail time for this illegal conduct. We will continue to pursue and support both civil and criminal consequences for spammers or others who attempt to harm Facebook or the people who use our service.”

Aside from email fraud, Wallace was also charged with three counts of intentional damage to a protected computer and a couple of counts of criminal contempt related to a previous ruling that prohibited him from using Facebook. Wallace is currently out of jail on a $100,000 bond.