Facebook Surges Past Google in Popularity

FacebookSocial networking titan Facebook surged past Google to become the site where users, at least from the United States, spend most of their time.

According to comScore, around 41.1 million minutes is spent on Facebook, that’s 9.9% of the total minutes people spent on the Internet. The lead is slight only, with 40 million minutes (9.6%) registered for all Google sites combined. Yahoo, which Facebook surpassed last month, is at third with 37.7 million minutes or 9.1%.

The result is very far from that recorded same time last year when Facebook only had 5% of the share while Google is at 12%.

The rise in Facebook’s popularity is not surprising. With more than half a billion users, the site has more people than the entire population of the United States, the third largest in the world, and it is only a matter of time before the takeover of the number one spot happens.

In fact, at the rate Facebook is growing, it will leave Google far behind by the same time next year, especially since Facebook still has room for international users, like China and Russia, the largest and ninth largest countries in the world in terms of population.