Facebook Tops 1,000 Other Sites

Google’s AdPlanner stats recently revealed that Facebook is the most frequented site on the web, with over 570 billion page views and 540 million users.

The AdPlanner stats also showed that the popular social networking site tops other non-Google sites, with more than 35% of all web traffic measured.

Not including data from Google.com and YouTube.com, the stats included the categories, users and page views for each of the top 1,000 sites on the net.

Also reigning in the rankings are sites like Mozilla.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, and Live.com. These destinations are said to be high on stats because these are the default home pages of different web browsers.

Other social media sites which ranked high included Twitter (18th with 5.4 billion page views) and Flickr (31st with 1.8 billion views).

Blogging sites were also at the top with Blogspot in 7th place, WordPress in 12th and Blogger in 53rd.

Other popular web destinations also include international portals like Baidu, Sina, 163.com and Sohu.