Facebook Users Warned of ‘Dislike’ Button Scam

facebook-shotThe users of the world’s top and most recognizable online social networking site have been warned of a scam where they will be enticed to download a software that will enable to have a “dislike” button, only that instead of a button, it is a malicious software. The said software will entice users to a survey site where money gets paid to those who came up with the scam.

Facebook, which last month hit 500 million users, already offers a “Like” button for comments and posts. However, there is no “Dislike” button to rate them.

Computer security firm Sophos said that the scam, once it gets permission from the user, involves accessing the user’s profile, then sends out spam and spreads itself by inviting the user’s friends to get the button. Thus, the invite to get the dislike button comes with a “recommendation” from friends.

A spokesperson from Facebook said that, “We always encourage people to not click on links that appear suspicious – even if posted from a friend,” a spokesperson said.