Facebook’s New Features – Pointless or Convenient?


The social network Facebook is off to a great start;  it stole MySpace‘s spotlight and continued to rise in fame in what has been just a couple years.

Now it’s added on a new feature which may act as either a new popularity gaining asset, or on the contrary. The new feature is basically an option to allow Facebook to auto-refresh. Some social networking sites already have similar features. Carolyn McCarthy from CNET says:

“This is the same kind of “reload alert” that you’ll see on a Twitter Search query or on other interfaces like the Tumblr Dashboard–but, thus far, not on Twitter.com itself, the interface that most people point at as the chief inspiration for Facebook’s new homepage design. That’s probably not a huge priority for Facebook, though. Most avid users access Twitter with a third-party app, something that you’ll be able to do more widely with Facebook very soon.”

So maybe Facebook got kind of an inside track on some of Twitter’s new homepage plans; either way the new features are aesthetically pleasing, if not a great deal functional. The new ever flowing process of updating is part of Facebook’s design for a more “streaming” oriented system of receiving news and updates. So far, the user response has been fairly neutral.

Written by Latest Devices