Fake MySpace leads to death threats

Wicked hackers have stolen a woman’s life, creating a fake MySpace page that has prompted death threats.

The page on the phony social networking site included photos of the woman, personal information, the type of car she drove and explicit messages.

fake myspace death threats

Shanae Starks told how she had been under attack for weeks after friends found the page and alerted her.

She said: “I thought, ‘Oh, this could cost me my life’. It’s not my page, but that’s my face.”

Her humiliation turned to fear when the messages started including threats and comments about gangs.

“I have never felt so stressed and depressed,” she said.

“I was crying at work and everything. Like, this is out of my control, I cannot do anything about this page.”

Police are unable to help because such behavior does not break any laws.

“It doesn’t fall into any one statute,” said cyber crimes specialist Brad Wood.

He said phony pages may be unethical but they’re not illegal.

“To find out the identity of the person doing it, generally we have to get a subpoena and send that to MySpace or Facebook,” Mr Wood said.

Starks said MySpace had removed the fake page after she made several requests, but that had not made any difference.

“By the time I finally got home from work at six o’clock, there was another page with my picture on there,” Ms Starks said.

“All I could say was, it’s not me! And I apologize if anyone got a message from a Shanae page, but it’s not me at all.”

Earlier this year, Brit Matthew Firsht won a landmark libel case against pranksters who had set up a fake Facebook profile under his name, linked it to gay sex groups and even created a group claiming he was a liar.

(Via The Sun)