‘Fame’ is not going to live forever


I’m a fan of musicals…but I’m certainly not a fan of remakes, especially shitty movie remakes!

No wonder the new MGM-produced version of the 1980 musical movie, Fame, just raked in $10 million at the North American box office for the three-day weekend, putting it behind the likes of Surrogates and Meatballs.

However, according to MGM and its financing partner, Lakeshore Entertainment, the film wasn’t as big a flop given its relatively low budget of $18 million.


The updated version, with rap tunes and hip-hop choreography, was far from the original in terms of cinematic poetry. Sorry to say, but it didn’t quite live up to its name given the much-anticipated resurgence of musicals.

The film is geared towards teens with short attention spans so it looks more like a remake of High School Musical than the original. But if you’re still interested, you can check out the trailers below: