Famous Russian TV Anchor Gives Obama Dirty Finger, Gets Fired

Tatyana-Limanova-Middle-Finger-ObamaA famous Russian newscaster has been given the boot after reportedly showing the dirty finger while reading a news report about U.S. President Barack Obama.

Award-winning journalist Tatyana Limanova was fired by Russian network REN TV earlier this week after the video of the news report went viral. In the video, Limanova is seen raising her left middle finger as she is reading news that mentioned Obama. REN TV said Limanova’s gesture in the November 14 news was inappropriate, but denied that the journalist was directing the offensive act to the U.S. president. “This gesture was addressed to members of the production team, had no subtext, and was not linked to the information Limanova was reporting at the time,” the network said in a statement on Thursday.

The network said that the decision to fire her was due to “unprofessionalism” and violation of the station’s discipline standards. “Since this does not detract from her guilt and is not an excuse, the leadership of the REN TV channel considers this act a gross violation of discipline and a manifestation of unprofessionalism,” it said.